Southern Pressure Tester’s Ltd. was formed in 2003 and has been serving British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Southern Pressure Tester’s has a full line of 12 BOP pressure testing trucks; one and two ton four wheel drive units, along with a flushby rig. These units have the capability to pump slowly at 2 to 3 liters per minute up to 20 liters per minute and a working pressure of 21,000 kPa. These units can be used for pressure testing blow out preventer equipment as well as leak-off tests. They have flow meters and chart recorders installed. Each truck carries a large assortment of test cups.

Southern Pressure Testers also has a selection of pipeline pressure testing trucks available. These include two, three cubic meter trucks. One eight cubic meter truck, one 11 cubic meter truck, one 13 cubic meter truck as well as two 16 cubic meter tank trucks. We are capable of pumping up to 49,000 kpa. These units can be used for pipeline testing, to blow tubing drains, open frac ports, and to test new wellsets or oilfield batteries. The units can also be used for batch mixing chemicals for wells. These units can also be used for methanol pumping in the winter. All of the pipeline trucks utilize a Bowie pump as well as a triplex pump. All units have their gauges and/or chart recorders calibrated on a regular basis. Southern Pressure Testers have units capable of pumping from 2 liters per minute up to 500 liters per minute.

Southern Pressure Tester’s Ltd. has a combined service with Wellhead Red Inc. in using a tool to hold pressure on a well after a cement job to prevent gas migration so the rig can be released and moved to another location. The Units are located in Gull Lake, Swift Current, Lloydminster, Medicine Hat and Estevan.


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